How Does "Showrooming" Effect You

& the Local Economy?

Do you practice "showrooming?" This involves a customer who visits a traditional local brick & mortar store to examine merchandise, only to make the purchase online--often at a lower price. The problem is that many physical stores have lost sales accordingly.

An outgrowth of this practice is a recent growing trend actually preferred by many millennials called "reverse showrooming," where customers are now shopping online first, then purchasing in local physical stores, according to  

How Retailers are Fighting Back
So, how are local retailers like American Bedroom combating the original showrooming practice and why should you buy specifically from a local retailer?

What you can't buy on the internet is physical, knowledgeable sales and support staff, in-store pick-up, and with American Bedroom, a price-match to any internet item the customer may find.

The other huge plus that American Bedroom specifically offers besides in-store customer service is educational and informational as a
go-to expert and all-around consumer resource when it comes to furniture and home goods.
In other words, the store provides customers
with information before, during and even after the sale.

Whether it's helping educate about the best product for your particular budget or lifestyle, teaching you about the care of your furniture or helping with any issues that might arise later, American Bedroom provides all the expert information you might need.

Stimulating the Local Economy
Choosing to buy local is something every Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange and Southeast Texas area resident can do to stimulate the local economy. 

According to Time magazine, buying close to home may be more than a feel-good notion. Research reveals a huge economic impact—and that the fate of many communities around the nation and the world depends on it.

Buying local promotes product innovation, helps encourage the use of local resourceswhether it's local people employed or the use of local raw materials or goods. Relationships are also fostered and grow when people buy from people they know, according to Time.

Many American Bedroom customers have returned over the years--buying their furniture and children's furniture here because of a trust in product quality, value and attention to detail that has been developed over time.

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